Note To Spectators

Hoopfest is designed to encourage player participation in order to make the day a success. In order to make this happen, each player will be assigned to a team where they will be coached and led by staff leaders. We ask that you trust us to place your child in a group that will allow them to be exposed to meeting new people and making lifelong memories. We also encourage you to remember that this is a day camp, and as there will be friendly competition in gameplay, our focus is on creating a memorable day for the players where they can make new friends and improve their basketball skills.

Spectators are welcome to listen alongside participants to hear from well-respected members of the UO Athletic Department. These members will talk to the kids about the importance of being a respectable athlete. Being that we would like to welcome families to attend and enjoy the day with us, we invite you to watch gameplay, participate in the seminars, and test your luck in various raffles! Coffee, donuts, and other foods will be available for purchase at the event as well (players are given food).