Throughout the day participants will be under the instruction of student leaders, where they will learn important lessons on sportsmanship, teamwork and integrity. Campers will enjoy sets of ice breakers, team building and basketball skills challenges. This event will also include a “round robin” style of 3v3 basketball play where each team will play teams in their respective division.

While participants are engaging in camp activities, spectators will have the opportunity to attend our "lounge" where KIDSPORTS very own Bev Smith will provide information for parents and spectators about their role in supporting a child’s athletic career.

In addition, we invite spectators to watch gameplay, participate in the seminars and test their luck in various raffles! Coffee, donuts and other foods will be available for purchase at the event as well.

During their time with us, participating players are given a free t-shirt, various door prizes, and will be provided with lunch. To end the day, participants will gather at an awards ceremony where various achievements from throughout the day will be recognized!

Phase 1:Team Building

Participants will not register as a part of a team, but instead assigned to a co-ed team of about five players by their age and skill level. Our purpose for assigning each player to a random team is to emphasize the strength of teamwork, equality, and inclusion. 

All participants will engage in ice breakers, warm up activities and engage with student leaders in order to get ready for the day! 

Phase 2: Game Play

The second half of the day will include "round robin" 3v3 basketball games! The referees are provided and there will be a zero tolerance policy for parent engagement with referees. If there are issues with a referee, there will be court supervisors that can address complaints, but the staff and referees will have final say on all official proceedings.

The changes to gameplay have been made to produce a more encouraging and positive experience for our young athletes. Previous tournaments have had issues with parents/coaches harassing referees, teams and coaches getting in arguments with each other, and general unsportsmanlike behavior. With  Warsaw Hoopfest we want to show young athletes  positive lessons that athletics can teach and model  a better way to compete.

Phase 3:

The final portion of the Warsaw Hoopfest will be an awards portion to present trophies to the winning teams as well as give recognition for athletes that demonstrated great sportsmanship and integrity. Presented by the teams and individuals coaches and volunteers, we will be able to reflect on the positive moments of the day and reinforce the belief that sportsmanship, integrity and teamwork should be more important than winning the game. Participants will also be able to share their experiences with the old and new friends and take away a positive message from the event.

Warsaw Hoopfest hopes to instill and foster values important to all levels of athletics. If you have any further questions about the event, registration, or why there are changes being made, feel free to contact us at


2018 Warsaw Hoopfest Staff